About Us

I, Jason Pruett, am a career dedicated and accomplished arborist, teacher, advisor, friend, outdoorsmen, and seeker of truth. I have a proven reputation for maintaining and improving tree health and landscapes. I implement researched and effective tree maintenance strategies, safety practices, and create positive client and business relationships. I am a skilled communicator recognized for building and sustaining non-violent approaches to conflict, growth in community, and a beautiful balance between man and nature.

I believe that working with trees is an avocation and a journey for me, I work with trees because I feel I have been called to caretake these wise and resilient living creatures. This is not a job, but a passion realized in the material form that most call a job...I call it a gift from the heart. My passion is not an easy “job” and it can be dangerous, unpredictable, and difficult to work with the elements of nature and creation.


Treehugger Tree Care, Inc. collaborates with professionals in the arboriculture industry to provide the best service, craftsmanship, and care for Minneapolis/ St. Paul metro area clients and trees. With a deep well of knowledge and experience, we work well together and enjoy the work that we do. We believe that trees are our teachers and are full of wisdom and hope. Trees are givers of life, energy, shade, friendships, homes, and food. Treehugger aims to work with, preserve, and caretake our tall friends (and our not so tall ones).

High quality, precision, and experience is what to expect when Treehugger tends to your trees. We value doing the right thing to trees at the right time. We offer holistic services including minor touch up pruning, massive removals of large dying trees, and treatments administered to both the trunk and soil of a tree to combat and help trees cope with a full range of environmental and site conditions.

Jason lives in Brooklyn Park with his loving and supportive wife, twin boys, daughter, and May, the cat. He likes to spend his free time relaxing by the fire, hiking with friends, spending time with family in Rochester, and watching movies.